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Index Administration Registration Section

Organization Introduction

 │office space Administration Building A108


Kuo, Yu-Fang

Kuo, Yu-Fang, ext.1391

Deputy: Chen, Yi-Wen

  • Comprehensive supervision over of the registration group
  • Statistical reports reviews
  • Enrollment data consolidation and follow-up implementation

Cheng, Chu-Yu

Assistant Clerk
Jhuang, Ming-Yi, ext.1392

Deputy: Chen,Wan-Ting

  • Students Status Management
  • Processing Department Transfer for All Degrees (Each Semester)
  • Transfer Exam Admissions Business during Summer and Winter Breaks
  • Admissions of Two-year in-service Programs
  • Admissions of the Disabled Students
  • Scheduling Academic Affairs Meetings Irregularly
  • Assist Other Admissions Trials

Chen, Yi-Wen

Chen, Yi-Wen, ext.1396

Deputy: Cao, Jin-Qi

  • Entrance examination for individual admission
  • Off-campus Entrance Examination
  • Developmental Business of School Capacity and Resources
  • Admissions of Aboriginal Classes
  • Guideline Handbook Making for Undergraduate Admission via the Joint College Assigned-subject Examination
  • Operating Report Compilation, Calculation of Relevant Statistics
  • Student ID Replacement
  • Fill in Relevant Information from the Ministry of Education
  • Plan-based Admissions (Graduate Program, Overseas Program)
  • Assist Other Admissions Trials


Yeh, Feng-Ying

Yeh, Feng-Ying, ext. 1395

Deputy: Chen,Wan-Ting

  • Management of academic records
  • Credits Waiver and Transference
  • Application for English Certification Documents
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Scholarship
  • Processing Affairs of Minor and Double Major
  • The Midterm Grade Alert System Operation
  • Admissions of Multi-stars Projects
  • Admissions of Individual Application
  • Admissions of Individual Application for Student-Athlete
  • Assist Other Admissions Trials


Project Assistant
Chen,Wan-Ting (Ewie), ext.1502

Deputy: Chen, Yi-Wen

  • Postgraduate Degree Examination Management
  • Dissertation (Thesis) Related Business Management
  • Graduation Qualification Review for All Degrees
  • Admissions of Bachelor Program of Extension Education
  • Admissions of Master
  • Admissions of PH.D
  • Admissions of Master and Master in-service
  • Student Recruitment for PH.D
  • The Contact Window for International Students
  • Assist Other Admissions Trials


Project Assistant
Cao, Jin-Qi, ext.1503

Deputy: Ko, Hsing-Chun

  • Processing Admissions Specialization Plan
  • Co-organizing Business Related to University Admission and Enrollment
  • Talented Student Selection Affairs
  • Individual Entrance Examination for 4-year College Programs
  • Entrance Examination Interviews for 4-year and 2-year College Programs
  • Entrance Examination Interviews for 4-year and 2-year College Programs
  • Education Bachelor Program entrance examination for evening division
  • Civil Servants Lifelong Learning Passport, Log in Learning Hours
  • Scheduling Academic Affairs Symposium Irregularly
  • Assist Other Admissions Trials