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Index Administration Registration Section

Organization Introduction

 │office space Administration Building A108


Kuo, Yu-Fang

Kuo, Yu-Fang, ext.1391

Deputy: Chen, Yi-Wen

  • Comprehensive supervision over of the registration group
  • Statistical reports reviews
  • Enrollment data consolidation and follow-up implementation

Cheng, Chu-Yu

Cheng, Chu-Yu, ext.1392

Deputy: Tsai, Chia-Ching

  • Management of student academic status for enrollment of day division and four-year college programs
  • Processing major transferring for students enrolling in day division and four-year college programs each semester
  • Individual entrance examination for four-year college programs
  • Entrance examination for the disabled students
  • Entrance examination interviews for 4-year and 2-year college programs
  • Entrance examination interviews for 4-year and 2-year college programs
  • Assistance with other admissions tasks

Chen, Yi-Wen

Chen, Yi-Wen, ext.1396

Deputy: Tsai, Chia-Ching

  • Entrance examination for individual admission
  • Off-campus entrance examination
  • Developmental business of school capacity and resources
  • Guideline handbook making for exam score distribution
  • Assistance with other admission tasks

Tsai, Chia-Ching

Contract Assistant
Tsai, Chia-Ching, ext.1394

Deputy: Chen,Wan-Ting

  • Management of student academic status for day division post-graduates
  • Masters’ program admissions
  • Master's and Master's in-service admissions
  • Qualification review for under-graduate and post-graduation programs in day division
  • Assistance with other admissions

Yeh, Feng-Ying

Yeh, Feng-Ying, ext. 1395

Deputy: Chen,Wan-Ting

  • Multi-stars projects admissions
  • Individual application admissions
  • Individual application of student-athlete admissions
  • Outstanding academic achievement scholarship
  • Various assignments regarding semester results of consolidation, analysis, and production
  • Application for English certification documents
  • Processing affairs of minor major and double major
  • Credits waiver and transference

Lin, Ching-San

Lin, Ching-San, ext.1508

Deputy: Chen, Yi-Wen

  • Transfer exam admissions business during summer and winter breaks
  • Enrolment affairs of two-year in-service programs
  • Industrial Graduate Program for spring and summer sessions
  • Talented student selection affairs
  • Overseas special class business
  • Work reports and meeting summaries
  • Affairs regarding expansion and adjustments of departments
  • Assistance with other admissions


Contract Assistant
Chen,Wan-Ting (Ewie), ext.1502

Deputy: Tsai, Chia-Ching

  • Management of doctoral student registration
  • Graduation qualification review of doctoral programs
  • Doctoral program admissions
  • Student recruitment for doctoral programs
  • Co-organizing business related to university admission and enrollment
  • The early warning system operation
  • Postgraduate degree examination handling
  • The point of contact for International Student