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Index Administration Curriculum Section

Organization Introduction

 │office space Administration Building A108

Hsieh, Wen-Chin

Hsieh, Wen-Chin, ext.1420

Deputy: Tsai, Chun-Chung

  • Directing and supervising course-selection affairs
  • Directing and supervising final-exam affairs
  • Directing and supervising affairs regarding summer session courses
  • Directing and supervising affairs regarding the University Curriculum Committee
  • Directing and supervising teaching evaluation surveys
  • Calculation and application for faculty overtime payment
  • Assisting in student recruitment affairs

Tsai, Chun-Chung

Tsai, Chun-Chung, ext. 1421

Deputy: Chen, Yen-Hung

  • Planning of course arrangement
  • Planning and management of course selection
  • Preparing reports of curriculum data and assisting in the correction of course selection lists
  • Holding freshman orientation
  • Making forms or reports of curriculum-related statistics

Chen, Yen-Hung

Chen, Yen-Hung, ext.1423

Deputy: Tsai, Chun-Chung

  • Application for credit overload
  • Affairs regarding lists of course selection
  • Affairs regarding course roll sheets
  • Affairs regarding students who extend their period of study due to failure in courses
  • Class condition confirmation
  • Inter-university course selection
  • Affairs regarding faculty teaching load
  • Planning and implementation of summer session courses
  • Long-distance teaching and learning
  • Registration and changes of selected courses

Lai, Ching-Mei

Lai, Ching-Mei, ext: 1422

Deputy: Chen, Yen-Hung

  • Website updates and maintenance of academic
  • The maintenance of the Department of Evaluation websites
  • Printing school examination papers
  • Planning and Performing teaching survey
  • Collection and management of study programs
  • Affairs regarding the University Curriculum Committee
  • Affairs regarding graduation research papers
  • Accessibility and maintenance of the Syllabus Computer System
  • Affairs regarding final exams
  • Property management at the Curriculum Section
  • Collection and management of study programs
  • Affairs regarding the University Curriculum Committee
  • Verification of the data on courses given by full-time or part-time faculty
  • Management of use of classrooms or equipment


Contract Assistant
Liu, Pei-Yi ext: 1507

Deputy: Hsu, Shih-Huan

Education Bachelor Program, EMBA, medium teachers education master's degree classes:
  • Department commenced the information compiled
  • The school classroom arrangements with deployment
  • To enrollment matters related to planning and execution
  • Production of statistical reports of the various courses
  • Course information reported to the Ministry
  • Accepting applications for off-campus teaching activities
  • English subjects in the name of safeguarding and archiving
  • The student elective list correction business planning and execution
  • Accepting student enrollment transaction
  • English proficiency test management
  • The Course Outline login control
  • Credits tuition and fees used to calculate
  • A reasonable commencement learn scores accounting