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Index Administration Recruitment Section

Organization Introduction

  │office space Administration Building A202

Lin, Ying Tsui

Lin, Ying Tsui, ext.1460

Deputy: Lai, Ming-Shun


  • Oversees operations in this group
    (the annual budget, co-ordinate planning)

Su, Yen Ling

Contract Assistant
Su, Yen-Ling, ext.1463

Deputy: Mao, Hsio-Yu

Chen, Shiang-Ru

Staff(leave without pay)
Chen, Shiang-Ru, ext.

Deputy: Su, Yen-Ling

  • Holding the orientation of honors service group activity.
  • External communication and coordination handle all the enter a higher school exposition t with all schools.
  • Setting and amendmenting School admissions policy , convening meetings.
  • Developping approach and qualification of Scholarships for new students approach with the offices of students affairs and Secretary.
  • Promote and implement educational resources and partnership schools in exchange activities.
  • Management financial report compiling ane annual budget compiling.
  • Overall planning all camps of senior high school.


Contract Assistant
Lai, Ming-Shun


Deputy: Jhuang, Ming-Yi

  • Providing the news dispatch about student recruitment and the draft of DaYeh News.
  • Publishing students recruitment advertisement.
  • Advertisement helps to introduce DaYeh.
  • Arranging about the visit of high school.
  • Planning the orientation for new students and their parents.
  • Planning any work relation to exhibition (including graduate school, college entering).
  • To assist the enter a higher school exposition t with all schools.
  • Managing various introduction data.

Chen, Ying-Ju

Contract Assistant
Chen, Ying-Ju, ext.1461

Deputy: Yu, Hsiu-Yu

  • Executive Assistant to “DaYeh Student Admissions and Promotions Committee” & “Section of Admissions analysis”.
  • Prepare and take minutes of Admissions analysis section meetings.
  • Convene meeting of the Enrollment.
  • Statistical teachers to senior high school Puts in a lot of teaching matters.
  • Take minutes of The regularly Center Conference.
  • Assist admissions activities.
  • Executive interim action items.
  • Managing various introduction data.
  • Handling the affairs of educational resources cooperative partner school.
  • Handling the activities of senior high school visit DAYEH University.
  • Handling the activities of new students and teachers visit DAYEH University.
  • The recruited affairs of Recurrent Education students.

Yu, Hsiu-Yu, ext.1462

Deputy: Su, Yen-Ling

  • Handle high school alumni association.
  • Handle high schools anniversary of celebrations inventing.
  • Managing everything of gift to high school.
  • Handle about introduce student in Dayeh.
  • Record the meeting minutes.
  • To assist about introduce student in Dayeh.
  • External communication and coordination handle all the meetings with other Schools.
  • Managing various introduction data.


Contract Assistant
Jhuang, Ming-Yi, ext.1465

Deputy: Lai, Ming-Shun

  • Updating and managing the website of recruit students.
  • Managing various introduction data.
  • Verify students enrolled scholarships incentive payments matters.
  • Record the meeting minutes.