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Index Administration Teaching and Learning Center

Organization Introduction

  │office space Administration Building A201

Cheng, Meng-Yuh

Cheng, Meng-Yuh, ext 1475

Deputy: Chiu, Wan-Chen


  • Planning, implementation and supervision of the business of the teaching resource center

Chiu, Wan-Chen

Chiu, Wan-Chen, ext. 1472

Deputy: Jhang, Ya-Ci

  • Selection of the Teaching Development Committee members and holding meetings
  • Call-for correspondence, review and publication of Service Learning, Teaching-based Research Projects
  • Collection and uploading of service learning course hour approved
  • Outcomes of Service Learning Competitions
  • Teaching and evaluation of the common school group
  • Related business of the common school group
  • Consolidation and collection of teaching materials for school development plans
  • Consolidation and collection of award subsidy teaching plan
  • Collection and consolidation of Academic Affairs Office Assessment Information
  • Consolidation of Academic Affairs Office budgets
  • Affairs of Dean's itinerary arrangements
  • Academic Affairs Office Email Management
  • Rapid print maintenance and management
  • Collection and consolidation of data
  • Scheduling academic meetings from time to time
  • Team meeting arrangement and meeting minutes filing
  • Academic Affairs Office document processing
  • Academic Affairs Bureau webpage maintenance and management
  • Handling tasks assigned by the supervisor

Wu, Hsin-Hua

Contract Assistant
Wu, Luo-Ling, ext. 1476

Deputy: Jhang, Ya-Ci

  • Student selection for teaching awards, training and other related businesses
  • Students learning community related business
  • Planning and handling remedial courses
  • Learning and counseling related business
  • Managing study announcement columns in the elevator and on campus
  • Management of student workers at teaching Resource Center
  • Handling tasks assigned by the supervisor

Jhang, Ya-Ci

Contract Assistant
Jhang, Ya-Ci, ext. 1480

Deputy: Ko, Hsing-Chun

  • Handling selection of excellent teachers for outstanding teaching
  • Consolidation of the evaluation of teachers' teaching and calibration
  • Handling teaching assessment waving selection of teachers recognized for outstanding teaching
  • Handling the list of teachers needing improvement for counseling mechanism
  • Handling various types of teacher teaching and learning workshops
  • Distance learning course related business
  • Digital course certification related business
  • Course platform certification related business
  • Digital assistant training related business
  • Digital Learning Course Awards and Grants
  • Assisting the Grinder Course
  • Assist in the study activities
  • Implementation and promotion of the Central District Regional Teaching Resource Center Project
  • Irregularly attending educational affairs forum
  • Other temporary matters

Contract Assistant

Ko, Hsing-Chun, ext. 1473

Deputy: Chiu, Wan-Chen

  • Counseling mechanism of poor teaching evaluation
  • Digital syllabus promotion
  • Teaching Innovation Program Grants
  • Digital Learning Course Video Room Equipment Management and Maintenance
  • Handling tasks assigned by the supervisor

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