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Index Administration Recruitment Section

Organization Introduction

  │office space Administration Building A203

Lin, Ying Tsui

Lin, Ying Tsui, ext.1460

Deputy: Lai, Ming-Shun


    Job descriptions are shown in the following:
  • Executing told tasks to perform various enrollment marketing strategies.
  • Handling and overseeing the progresses of all different kinds of administrative tasks of the Admissions Service Center.
  • Formulating various enrollment regulations and methods.
  • Planning the matters related to the Admissions to website.
  • Being in charge of external communication and work coordination.
  • Dealing with temporary matters told by the supervisor.

Chen, Ying-Ju

Chen, Ying-Ju, ext.1461

Deputy: Yu, Hsiu-Yu

    Job descriptions are shown in the following:
  • Running admissions Policy Business..
  • Handling professors teaching as a part-time teacher or on business trips to high school.
  • Handling senior and vocational high school visits.
  • Handling freshmen's seminar sessions including teacher-parents' meeting, and orientation.
  • Handling freshmen's admission scholarship including New Age Talents.
  • Analyzing the data and analysis of individual applicants.
  • Managing electronical document system.
  • Recruiting students for the bachelor program of extension education.
  • Recruiting students with aboriginal cultural backgrounds for the bachelor's degree Programs.

Yu, Hsiu-Yu, ext.1462

Deputy: Chen, Shiang-Ru

    Job descriptions are shown in the following:
  • Handling all matters related promotional business trips of professors..
  • Handling multiple admission counseling activities for Senior and Vocational High Schools.
  • Handling fresh men's admission scholarship including four skills selection, technical excellence and master's degree.
  • Recruiting students for Master's and PHD's programs.
  • Handling invitations of DaYeh major celebration and Senior and Vocational High Schools.

Chen, Shiang-Ru

Chen, Shiang-Ru, ext. 1463

Deputy: Chen, Ying-Ju

    Job descriptions are shown in the following:
  • Being in charge of making and collocating budgets.
  • Dealing with the expenditure on Student Recruitment Activities.
  • Purchasing and managing the publicity materials.
  • Being in charge of holding admission expositions for high schools.
  • University Expositions.
  • Consolidating the departmental features.
  • Organizing and training the admission team.
  • Managing the properties of the center.
  • Managing student workers.
  • Planning the information desk during summer break.
  • Being in charge of pipeline admission matters of the Multi-Star Project students, applicants of athletes with excellent athletic performance excellent sports, and technological vocational graduates.
  • Recruiting the students from Special selection.


Lai, Ming-Shun


Deputy: Chen, Shiang-Ru

    Job descriptions are shown in the following:
  • Editing various enrollment posters and other materials.
  • Planning enrolment marketing channels using various approaches of booklets and posters.
  • Creating and publishing school enrollment advertisements including online keywords, plane clips and so on.
  • Planning the schedules of the center's annual enrollments advertising and work items to follow.
  • Arranging transportation and the information desk for enrollment.
  • Managing Center’s fs240 webmail.
  • Replying any questions or inquiring on Facebook fan page and Line@.
  • Holding meetings and following up all the matters of annual Freshman Admissions Guide.
  • Operating the arrangement of transfer examination, admission promotion business and Two-year in-service special programs.